Media Cloud AI

Media Cloud AI intend to build an open-source micro-service platform to process media content with some Artificial Intelligence processes.
It will also provide some generic tools to manipulate media.


This micro-services platform provides a fully distributed processing for media content accross multi-cloud provider (public & private).
The backend is the main orchestrator, combining steps after step a complex workflow.
Each worker is connected to the message broken to enable the horizontal scalability.

graph LR ui[fa:fa-user User interface] --> backend(Backend) backend[fa:fa-cogs Backend] --> rmq(fa:fa-bars Message broker) backend --> DB(fa:fa-database Database) rmq --> W1[fa:fa-cog Worker 1] rmq --> W2[fa:fa-cog Worker 2] rmq --> W3[fa:fa-cog Worker 3] classDef blue fill:#155799,stroke: none,color: #fff; classDef green fill:#159957,stroke: none,color: #fff; class ui green class backend blue class rmq blue class DB blue class W1 green class W2 green class W3 green
Read more details about the complete architecture.

Workers / Features

In micro-service architecture, each worker will provide a specific feature.
The combination of them provides a complex system.
Some generic workers are required to create a base available a feature:

Some additional workers are built in open-source:

Offical website

Open offcial website